Divorce and Family Law

      Personal Injury

      Divorce & Family Law

      Divorce has long been called one life’s most difficult and stressful experiences.  Making wise decisions in divorce does not come easily.  Protecting one’s interest with dignity often comes with great effort and requires quality legal assistance.  The Shoemaker Law Firm is deeply committed to helping you make wise decisions and protect your greatest interest with dignity.

      Divorce Process Options

      One of the first decisions in divorce often can have a great impact on the experience and outcome.  Brian Shoemaker offers informed and experienced guidance and professional service in the following divorce options:

      Which divorce process option is right for you?  Visit www.divorcewhisperer.org, to find out.

      Personal Injury

      Personal injury often arises from traffic accidents (car, motorcycles, and bicycle) and events that happen on the property (slip and fall).  They also can occur from faulty equipment (product liability) or procedures (Medical and dental malpractice).