Collaborative Divorce

      Collaborative divorces tend to cost less than litigated divorces. They offer the efficient and cost effective use (and benefit) of a team of professionals (legal, financial, and mental health) to help the couple achieve a quality divorce.

      Specialized Training and Experience

      Everyone at the New Mexico Collaborative Practice Group is trained and experienced in the innovative collaborative divorce process.

      Both the method of divorce and the professionals you choose will have a tremendous impact on the lives of your children, your family, and your community for years to come. A quality collaborative team of trained professionals can tailor your divorce to fit your family’s needs.

      Because many divorce professionals (attorneys, financial, and mental health professionals) have seen the destructive effects of a “scorched earth” divorce, a different method for divorce has developed called collaborative divorce.

      Collaborative Divorce based on three principles:

      • A pledge not to go to court
      • An honest exchange of information by both spouses
      • A solution that takes into account the highest priorities of both spouses and the children

      Mutual Respect

      Collaborative divorce is based upon mutual respect. Even though the two divorcing spouses cease to be married, they can still choose a respectful and considerate process for obtaining a divorce and preserving their parenting relationship.

      Pledge Not To Go To Court

      The pledge not to go to court involves the attorneys for both parties. If one of the parties changes his/her mind and wants to go to court, both attorneys must leave the case. Then the parties must hire new attorneys to go to court.

      Other Divorce Law Professionals (Team Members)

      • Accountants or financial planners assist the parties and attorneys gather financial information. They use the information to value and divide up the assets and calculate income for child support and alimony purposes.
      • Mental health professionals can also help the parties work out parenting agreements and interview the children.
      • Mental health professionals help the parties communicate in the open discussions.

      Well-Honored Teams

      The collaborative professionals who have been trained, involved, and practiced in this specialized method of divorce have developed trust and practices that result in cost-savings and better quality divorces.  This efficiency will serve you now and in the ‘long run’.