Personal Injury


      Personal Injury, in the first place, involves a healing process or at least a treatment process. The Shoemaker Law Firm does  NOT provide any medical treatment; however, we are familiar both with the wide array of treatment methods (surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and prescription, etc.).  We are also aware of how the insurance companies and their attorneys defend the negligent and reckless drivers.

      Insurance Claim Process

      The insurance claim process is a subculture within itself, with unique requirements and nuance.  Brian Shoemaker used to litigate for insurance companies from 1996-2004.  Brian has written detailed, complex documents involving insurance and personal injury, letters for insurance adjusters on a wide array of insurance coverage issues such as premises liability, professional errors and omissions, uninsured/under insured motorist coverage and exclusions.  He has conducted professional training’s for other lawyers on these issues from 2001-2008.  He continues to be asked to lecture and present on personal injury topics by his lawyer colleagues.

      There are many different types of insurance companies, each with their own requirements and offerings, some have very surprising applications.  Regardless working an insurance company to potentially settle a case is of benefit  by the assistance of a professional.

      Litigation Process

      Not all personal injury cases are settled in the insurance claims process.  Not all insurance adjusters or insurance companies are willing to settle a claim for a reasonable amount.  Often, this requires a lawsuit to be filed.  It is common that a lawsuit needs to be filed to improve the opportunity to recover.  At the Shoemaker Law Firm, we understand this process.  We have conducted dozens of jury trials throughout the New Mexico.  Trial litigation requires a special knowledge, strategy, and skill sets that not all lawyers have.

      We will help you asses your care and advice you on settlement options, where reasonable.  We at the Shoemaker Law Firm have a proven record of obtaining favorable results even when the outcome seems doubtful.