A Less Stressful Divorce

      Getting divorced can be an extremely traumatizing experience, especially if there are children. Luckily, there are Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes that can make getting divorced less of a hassle. One form of ADR is mediated divorce. Divorce mediation is a type of divorce that involves husband and wife agreeing to meet with a mediator to discuss the terms of the divorce.


      Mediation vs. Litigation

      Average mediation cost is $5000

      Average litigation cost is $35,000+



      Mediation vs. Litigation

      Mediation: The timeframe is set by the couple getting divorced and the availability of the mediator. The process is likely to happen quicker than a litigation, but it is subject to the willingness and availability of the divorcing couple.

      Litigation: The timeframe for a litigation is subject to the availability of the courts.


      Mediation vs. Litigation 

      Mediation: All mediation sessions are kept confidential.*

      Litigation: With litigation, the couple hashes things out in the courts and through their attorneys.

      *Please note: ALL final agreements (MSAs, stipulations, etc.) are filed with the court and not completely confidential.


      Commonly, agreements that are formed through the process of mediation last long than agreements that are mandated by the court.

      *Active military and veterans will receive a 10% reduction from Brian’s hourly rate.

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